1. The exposure to diversity

At a camp such as Mypro Golf Camp, your child will be part of a truly international community. They’ll join juniors from all over the world, exposing them to a cultural diversity that they can’t experience at home. This exposure to foreign cultures can be a great asset in their development.

2. Children get a real self-esteem boost

Arriving in a place that you don’t know and being surrounded by “strangers” can be frightening, especially for a young kid. But it’s also a good experience because your child is going to have to develop, adapt and learn new habits. This forges a strength of character and definitely boosts their confidence.

3. Being away develops their independence

Often this is the first time that a child will travel without their Parents. This gives them the perfect opportunity to learn about independence from a young age. Of course, support is always provided by camp staff but being away from parents and home allows them a freedom they may not have during everyday life. The nurturing environment of camp gives them the courage to tackle new challenges, helping their confidence to grow and allowing them to feel very proud of their achievements.

4. Time at golf camp creates wonderful memories

Above all things, spending time at camp is FUN. Once children overcome the first step of getting to know the other kids, time is spent having fun, playing games, sharing stories and in our case, playing golf! The memories made at a camp are unlike any other. They’re full of laughter, friendly faces and beautiful places.

5. They get to learn a new language

An international camp such as Mypro Golf Camp is a fantastic opportunity for your child to practice and improve in English. Being totally immersed in an English speaking programme all day makes a real difference. Conversations become easier, confidence grows, new words are learnt. After a couple of weeks abroad, you’ll definitely notice improvements!

Evening at the beach

6. They make new friends

Somehow, the bonding and friendships created at camp are often stronger than those made at school. Kids know that they’re here for a limited time and this encourages them to make the most of it. So, in this bubble that is the camp, juniors connect, interact and learn a lot about one another. A boy from Barcelona, a girl from New-York, siblings from Munich – how great is it to have friends all over the world!

7. It keeps them active

Sending your child to a camp can be a great option if you want them to stay active during the holidays. Children are full of energy that needs to be spent and at camp, there’s no time for boredom! A camp such as ours, always has a full-on programme packed with activities to keep the children active and entertained.

8. They can disconnect

Spending some time away from home can also be very beneficial for a kid to unplug and rest. In our modern world, disconnecting from phones, tv’s, series and computer games is a bigger and bigger challenge. Stepping into camp is like entering a new world with new friends, a new home and plenty of new activities! With all these new encounters, it’s the perfect place for kids to learn how to switch off and just have fun!

9. It develops their interests

How can a child know that something is interesting if they’ve never been introduced to it? From our experiences alone, we can assure you that just a couple of weeks at camp can totally change a child’s life. Spending time at a camp, especially abroad, can give your child the taste for travel and adventure. We’ve had many juniors who have chosen to come back to St Andrews to study at University, all because they discovered the town while at Mypro Golf Camp

10. Children discover and try new things

By attending Mypro Golf Camp, your child will not only play golf, but also discover a new place, a new country and a new culture. Scotland is beautiful and St Andrews is a unique town so we have no doubt that your child will love this place. From the bagpipe to the famous haggis, the Scottish culture is full of interesting things that are worth discovering.

Bonus Reason: YOU CAN RELAX!

Sit back and relax, your child is in safe hands! Indeed, it goes without saying that while your child is having the best time at camp, parents get to enjoy some peace and quiet… which is not something to overlook! Book now to get your child onto a golf summer camp.

About Mypro Golf Camp

Junior golf camp for 10 to 17 year-olds located in St Andrews, the world-famous Home of Golf. Mypro Golf Camp is ALL. ABOUT. GOLF.

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