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Each golf swing is unique and can be improved by optimising its efficiency, based on what the golfer can physically do.

We do not believe in one way to swing a club, but rather in an unlimited number of swing styles. Our goal during the camp is to help juniors find the swing that is most efficient for them. To do this, we offer the most modern and innovative coaching techniques, tailored to each camper. 

The Duke's - St Andrews

a world-class
golf training centre

All our training sessions take place at The Duke’s, a prestigious championship golf course in St Andrews.

We are proud to be working in partnership with The Duke’s to provide the best golf coaching experience to our juniors. The Duke’s is a renowned championship course, which offers striking views over St Andrews and the North Sea. Their grass range, large putting-greens and exclusive short game area and par-3 loop makes it a first-class training centre to host our golf camp.

Video Analysis

Slow motion swing analysis uploaded to your personal account. Proven to make it easier to understand swing changes and support our juniors back home.


Used by PGA and European Tour players, this is the world leading radar technology for ball flight and club data measurements. We are now able to measure improvement and take away the guess work!

Mental Conditioning

Improving mental toughness is often considered the key to playing golf at the highest level. Working with experts sports psychologists, we equip our juniors with the psychological tools they need to unlock their full potential.

junior golf coaching

Mypro Golf Camp is led by a team of expertly trained PGA pros, unrivalled in their ability to work with junior golfers.

Carefully designed to engage junior golfers, our programmes ensure that they get the most from their practice sessions. Together with their coaches, juniors will work to establish realistic yet challenging goals.

Our team of PGA professionals use the latest technologies to make sure that our juniors receive tailored and accurate advice.  For some, this may include more technical work. For others, it might involve learning to play links golf and getting prepared for the challenges out on the courses.

On Day 1 of camp, your child will receive a Mypro Golf coaching booklet to help guide their progress throughout the camp. They’ll receive written notes as well as video analysis feedback from their coaches to keep practicing once back home.

360 golf camp

Our junior golf camp programme isn't just about the swing.

Many golfers make the mistake of only practicing their swing technique. But we all know that golf is much more than just a golf swing. We emphasise this during the golf lessons and remind the juniors of the importance of being strong both mentally and physically to perform in golf. As Phil Mickelson says: “Mental rehearsal is just has important as physical rehearsal“.

Sport Psychology Session - golf camp
Mental Toughness To Deal With Emotions
Who hasn’t felt stressed when standing on the tee on a competition day? How do you deal with these emotions and is it possible to cope better with them?
During their Sport Psychology sessions, juniors will learn to deal with frustration, negative thoughts and stress while on the course.
Strength & Conditioning at the Masters Camp - golf camp
Strength & Conditioning To Increase Power
Any player looking to compete at a high-level will have to train hard and play hard. To do this efficiently and without injury, strengthening their body is paramount. S&C training is another important element to perform well in golf – it increases the ability to develop explosive power and has a significant contribution to injury prevention.

On-Course Instruction

Playing clever

Juniors are followed by their coaches while out on the course to receive strategic advice on specific shots.
It’s fair to say that links golf is one of the most challenging styles of golf. Juniors learn how to conquer the links, but also the elements, as being located along the coast, the courses are often exposed to high winds, which encourage the players to adapt their shots and be creative. Our coaches are there every step of the way to provide the juniors with advice on course management and how to get the most out of their game.
boys laughing and playing golf
Above all, golf is a GAME
We know that for most juniors, their expectation when coming at Mypro Golf Camp is to improve in golf. This is why we take the coaching seriously and will always encourage the juniors to practice hard and efficiently. But it’s important to remember that golf is just a game, which is why the practice sessions are also designed to be a lot of fun. That’s why the coaching programme includes challenging games and competitions throughout the weeks so that the juniors can practice in a fun way and engaging way.


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