People often ask us what their youngsters should pack when coming to junior summer golf camp, and in particular what sporting equipment they need to bring with them. And we know that the time before any trip can be very busy with washing and packing; equally, no one wants to have so much stuff that they end up paying  for overweight baggage, or to be without something crucial for the week.

Even though, as far as possible, we often can help young golfers source a missing essential, you’ll generally get far more out of the junior golf camp experience if you have everything you need with you when you arrive.

So we thought we’d provide the full list here, divided into sections.

Packing list for junior golf summer camps:


Clearly, few teenagers are going to want to be without their devices for the duration of the golf camp. So take phones with the right charger and adapter for the UK, and/or a tablet or iPad, perhaps loaded with the music you want to listen to. And don’t forget to pack a book or two, plus a good old-fashioned notebook or diary and pen to record the trip plus any personal golfing information.


Essentially, you need to be prepared for all weathers! So we’d suggest packing:

  • Plenty of socks and underwear – including breathable socks for playing golf and some warmer ones given the Scottish weather
  • Casual clothes including sweatshirts, jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and hoodies for evenings and trips out
  • Trainers, flip-flops for indoors and golfing shoes – it’s also a good idea to have a second pair of the latter in case it’s very wet
  • Golfing clothes including shorts or tracksuit trousers, a collared shirt such as a polo, and a jersey or sweatshirt
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers, plus a light jacket or anorak for off the course
  • Laundry or plastic bag for storing dirty washing
  • A brimmed hat to keep the elements off you, including rain, sun and wind – a baseball cap works well
  • Swimming costume


We supply golf clubs but if you wish to bring your own, feel free to do so. We also suggest you arrive equipped with the following:

  • Balls (a set of six) and tees for carrying around the course (balls are supplied on the golfing range)
  • Reusable water bottle so you stay hydrated – this is obviously kinder on the environment and saves you having to buy drinks all the time


  • Wash bag with all the toiletries you’ll need for the week
  • Sunscreen – this is Scotland and the weather can do anything, so come prepared – sunscreen also provides protection against the wind
  • The summer is the height of midge season in Scotland – remember to pack some insect repellent
  • Sunglasses if you wear them
  • A spare pair of regular glasses if you wear them

If you have any queries about any of the above, please be in touch and we’ll be glad to advise. We’re looking forward to welcoming young players to our summer’s camps.

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Junior golf camp for 10 to 17 year-olds located in St Andrews, the world-famous Home of Golf. Mypro Golf Camp is ALL. ABOUT. GOLF.

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