There are numerous benefits to having individual golf coaching as a junior player. Indeed, it’s a vital part of a young player’s development, and provides firm foundations from which a junior can progress in the sport.

Coaching encourages continued participation in golf, and allows young people to hone their skills. It should be fun, varied and challenging while providing the chance for some friendly competition and interaction. A fully qualified PGA coach should take the sessions.

Here are some other benefits:

  • The chance to develop social skills and friendships
  • Expert information about rules and etiquette
  • A structured programme of tuition
  • Coaching ensures you have the right size of equipment for the junior’s age
  • Clarity and constructive feedback on where a player can improve their game

Above all, coaching should leave a young golfer buzzing, enthused and excited about getting out on the course again.

Where do we provide coaching for our golf camps?

Our golfing coaching is provided at The Duke’s, a St Andrews-based prestigious championship golf course. We’ve forged an excellent working relationship with them to offer coaching here. Players enjoy incredible views over the North Sea and St Andrews itself, plus there’s a grass range, extensive and immaculate putting greens and a par-3 loop, as well as an exclusive short-game area. So it’s no wonder we love hosting coaching sessions at this first-class training centre.

It was designed by Peter Thomson, five times an Open champion. And, make no mistake, The Duke’s, the only Scottish heathland course in the area, is no pushover for any golfer. After all, the place has previously hosted championship-level games. And although it’s not a Links course (it’s the only St Andrews course that isn’t), it does have some Links characteristics such as large greens, making this parkland course a unique place to play.

The latest technology

We give written feedback with good-old-fashioned pen and paper. But our training centre is also kitted out with the very latest golf technology, giving each junior player the most comprehensive, accurate and tailored feedback on their game. Tools include video analysis, 3D biomechanics and Trackman, using radar technology to measure ball fight and club data.

A tailored coaching approach

Our belief is that there’s no right or wrong swing style. Instead, we aim to help each player find the most efficient one for them.

Each player has a notebook in which to record their progress, plus we set them individual goals, whether we decide to focus on technical work or links golf.

We’re also very aware of the mental resilience you need to play golf at top level. So we work with sports psychologists to give young players the tools they need to handle stress and other challenging emotions, to help them realise their full potential.

We’ll also look at strength and conditioning exercises, crucial to anyone wanting to play golf well, and for injury prevention.

Finally, coaches follow juniors on the course to provide strategic advice on particular shots.

Above all, our highly trained and experienced, qualified and vetted PGA coaches will be with players every step of the way, so that they improve their game while, crucially, having fun while they’re at it.

About Mypro Golf Camp

Junior golf camp for 10 to 17 year-olds located in St Andrews, the world-famous Home of Golf. Mypro Golf Camp is ALL. ABOUT. GOLF.

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