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Children and young people are, of course, the future of the great game of golf. So it’s perhaps not surprising that recent years have seen a renewed focus on encouraging youngsters to play regularly. What’s more, it’s a family-friendly activity you can all enjoy; equally, it’s a low-intensity, non-contact sport involving plenty of fresh air. Anyone can have a go, and it develops great life values from honesty to integrity and responsibility alongside a range of physical and mental skills. Equally, many clubs these days have a thriving junior membership and offer discounts for families.

Last autumn, England Golf supported the Golf Foundation in launching a new programme involving children, teachers and local PGA Professional coaches to take first steps and the basics of the game to primary school, along with its benefits for physical and mental health.

One option for immersing young people in the game intensively is a golf camp. Typically lasting for a week or so, these programmes offer a number of specific benefits.

Benefits of attending a golf summer camp

  • The chance to learn the golfing game properly from the start

Unless you have coaching from the time you start playing golf, it can be all too easy to get into bad habits from a young age. If your child learns the golfing game properly from the outset, their enjoyment of it will improve immeasurably, along with their ability and level.

  • Improved concentration and focus

Our online world is full of digital distractions and short attention spans. Across hours of play, a junior golf camp can improve a player’s powers of focus and concentration.

  • Sharper social skills

After a week-long golfing camp, a young person will come away with a better understanding of the principles of etiquette, fair play and communicating with others, especially where golf camps include a range of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Equally, a junior golf camp teaches resilience and how to handle the not-so-great times, such as when you lose or play a duff shot. (Of course, that happens to everyone, even the pros.) All of these and other skills will prove invaluable to your child in many different areas of life outside golf. They will gain in confidence and emerge from the junior camp better able to make decisions for themselves.

  • Enhanced quality of their game

Your child will receive intensive tuition from some of the best PGA coaches in the sport during their time at a junior golf club, and many of them will play professionally. They’ll benefit from a range of strengths offered by different coaches, including via one-to-one teaching. After being immersed in the sport for a whole week, your child’s game can’t fail to improve.

Apart from anything else, a week at a junior golf camp is just great fun, as young players spend time together honing their skills away from home. Camps also lay on other activities to create a full and varied programme for the duration. And it typically doesn’t matter how much or how little your child has played previously.

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At Mypro Golf, we run a range of summer camps for junior players at the home of golf, St Andrews in Scotland. Choose from our Winter or Masters golf camps, our 12-day Players’ Golf Camp or our popular Open golf camps, coinciding with two of the sports’ greatest events, The Open and Scottish Open. Each day is packed with hours of incredible golf and coaching from professional-grade coaches at some of the game’s most prestigious courses.

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