We’ve previously written about what to take with you to junior golf camp, and mentioned that, while we’ll certainly help out by lending missing items where we can, you’ll find it much easier if you travel fully kitted out with everything you’ll need for your stay with us.

Personal and entertainment items and off-duty clothes are, of course, best purchased at your favourite shops that you know your way around. But parents often ask us where they can buy all the vital golfing equipment their young players will ideally bring with them. So, here we offer some ideas.

Golf clothes and shoes

While you can manage with regular shirts and shorts or tracksuit trousers, plus a collared shirt like a polo, and maybe a standard sweatshirt, it’s also obviously possible to buy clothes specially designed for golf. And young golfers may feel more comfortable in these garments, which might also be better at offering protection from bad weather. They may also want to put some golf clothes on their Christmas or birthday list!

American Golf has nearly 100 stores across the UK and Ireland, and takes orders online. The Golf Shop Online may also give you some inspiration.

For accessories like baseball caps and water bottles, there are clearly numerous outlets. If you’re after a waterproof jacket and/or trousers, it makes sense to go to a regular outdoor retailer such as Blacks or Millets, and look into buying items which can be worn on family walks and the like, so that their use isn’t confined to the golf course.

For shoes as well as general sportswear, a big brand like Nike is always worth checking out.

Golfing equipment

With our golf camps, it’s up to you if you want your young golfers to bring their clubs with them – and we can supply these if travelling with clubs isn’t convenient. If you’re buying your own, however, Sports Direct has a good range, as does The Sports HQ. Bear in mind that junior clubs have lighter, smaller heads and you probably won’t need a full set of 14 at this stage of your son or daughter’s career. A start-up set could just incorporate a driver, hybrid, 7 iron, pitching and sand wedges and a putter. And you’ll want to be sure the fit is correct.

We also recommend bringing a set of six balls and tees – young golfers with low swing speeds (75 mph or below) will suit a soft, low-compression ball. You’ll find a decent line-up of plastic or bamboo tees at Clubhouse Golf.

Finally, we’re here to help if you want a chat about equipment before your junior player sets off for one of our camps.
Please just give us a call if you have any questions.

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