Why our juniors love seeing professional golf tournaments

You can study the great game of golf all you like, and practice all you can, but there’s no substitute for seeing professional golfers in action.

We find that, for our junior players, watching a pro tournament is both inspiring and motivating. There’s also a bit of stardust in seeing famous sportsmen and women at the top of their game in the flesh – and maybe have the chance to ask for their autograph!

What’s more, the atmosphere at these world-class events is always electric, and there may even be the opportunity to witness some golfing history being made.

Attending golf tournaments as a junior

At My Pro Golf, our outings to tournaments are highly sociable, and our juniors invariably enjoy relaxing and watching tournaments together.

There are numerous solid benefits you can bring to your own game once you’ve seen some of the best of the world in action. So we encourage active rather than passive viewing, urging our juniors to study what happens before and after each shot a pro takes, for example to see how they line it up. Equally, it’s also worth looking out for how the pros react if things go wrong. We’ll discuss what we’ve seen once we’re back at base.

We also ask juniors to pay close attention to the way each player swings the driver and irons, and the stance and alignment with the putter, as well as the variety of shots created with the wedges, to help them master all four.

At the same time, we’ll walk around the course to follow all the action, and to keep camp attendees active and moving. (Research from 2017 at Edinburgh University found that more than three-quarters (83%) of spectators at a tournament it studied exceeded the recommended daily step count.)

Join a My Pro Golf camp and see some of the world’s best players

For the July 2023 Open Camp, once again we’ll be back for a day at the glorious Genesis Scottish Open, at the Renaissance Club, North Berwick, which we know our young golfers love attending. And we typically find juniors’ own games improve immeasurably once they’ve seen the pros perform on the course.

Secure your place for next summer now and look forward to the tournament alongside all the other elements of attending one of our junior golf camps.

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Junior golf camp for 10 to 17 year-olds located in St Andrews, the world-famous Home of Golf. Mypro Golf Camp is ALL. ABOUT. GOLF.

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