Why your children should take part in a golf camp this winter

As you’re no doubt already well aware, the great game of golf is a low-intensity, non-contact sport which gives younger players in particular a number of benefits. The chances of injury are minimal; the sport strengthens the spine and core muscles, and improves hand-eye coordination, while also encouraging children to try other sports and activities. Kids also cultivate a love of being outside when they take up golf.

Then there are the social, and well-being benefits – golf fosters friendships and teaches skills from etiquette and decision-making to strategy. If you play in a team, you learn to work with others. You also gain another invaluable, if tough, life lesson – how to lose!

However, in Europe and North America, the colder, wetter weather brings golf to an annual halt, typically between April and September. That can mean that the skills acquired and progress made during the warmer months fade over the winter, so that a young player starts the fresh season potentially in a worse position than when the previous one ended.

Winter golf camps: feel the benefits

In short, no player benefits from a lengthy break in playing golf. But with the UK’s weather so unpredictable at the best of times, how do you continue to keep you game in shape over the colder months? The answer could lie in joining a junior winter golf camp in sunnier climates …

Winter golf camps provide intensive, focused training with plenty of opportunities to practice before the season tees off again in the spring. There will be time to look in detail and strategy and anything which may have been holding back or bothering the young player, whether that’s their swing or anything else in their overall game, so that it can be ironed out away from competitive play.

Any junior golfer will find the one-to-one coaching of a winter camp invaluable. They’ll also benefit from the feedback of a professional tutor, on everything from swing to stance and the way they’re holding a club. What’s more, during a camp they will then be able to improve their game before the next season picks up again, rather than trying to make changes while playing during the season. And, of course, however good you already are, you can always improve.

What’s more, courses are often quieter during the winter months, making it easier to play at your own pace.

Our junior winter golf camp in Portugal

Our junior winter golf camp in Portugal’s Quinta Do Lago incorporates four-star, full-board accommodation over a full week. Young players also get a full 12 hours’ coaching with PGA professionals, five rounds on championship courses, on-course support and guidance and 24/7 supervision from experienced staff, along with a good range of organised non-golfing activities.

Contact us now so that your junior golfer can continue to develop their game off-season, and be all ready and match-fit when the start of another golfing season rolls around.

About Mypro Golf Camp

Junior golf camp for 10 to 17 year-olds located in St Andrews, the world-famous Home of Golf. Mypro Golf Camp is ALL. ABOUT. GOLF.

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